My Co-op So Far, Part IV

Science 101Science101_15July2015

On the sunny afternoon of July 15, 2015, the Chemistry Liaison Librarian and I represented the library and participated in a student orientation event to welcome the incoming first-year science undergraduates. Joined with a few other university service groups, my colleague and I set up an information booth at the foyer of the Student Life Centre to meet-and-greet and answer questions from the students as well as their parents about the library. The room was buzzing with excitement and pin buttons were flying off our table like hot cupcakes. For this outreach activity, I took the initiative to log the questions for future reference. Questions always fascinate me. Even the seemingly ordinary questions on library hours, borrowing policies or reference help represent a knowledge gap where further assessment on resources and assistance may be warranted. Reflecting on my experience after the event, I came up with a few recommendations for future orientations such as using a tablet computer to showcase the library’s website on the spot and having door prizes for best questions. For this year, the best question goes to: “If I fall asleep, will someone wake me up at closing?” So forward thinking 😉

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