My Co-op So Far: Plant Care & Growth

Plant Care & Growth


Random recommendation note from a library user (it wasn’t me!).

Last but not least, working with the English Liaison Librarian in conjunction with the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), I volunteered to take care of the plants in the library’s quiet study area. Being one of the first action items that I was involved in at the start of this co-op position, it gave me the opportunity to reacquaint with the library space where I spent countless late nights partying… Ahem, I mean studying as an undergrad. The floor plan had changed. Group tables had been replaced with individual carrel desks. No more bag check at exit because the books had all been RFID tagged. Near the entrance of this engineering, mathematics, and science library, there is even a shelf filled with popular fictions along with a vending machine that sells highlighters and DVDs. I never had any luck with plants but I thought I would give it a shot. Twice a week, I would check upon and water those plants. It took patience and dedication but it was also a nice little break from all those Excel spreadsheets as well as an opportunity to see what the students were up to in the library. When two of the plants were root bound and in need of repotting, I had to arrange and delegate the task to the students at SCI. I am happy to report that all the plants (see above) are still alive and well! Overall, this co-op has turned out to be way beyond my expectations and I’m only half way through! The valuable lessons of being flexible as well as the importance of prioritizing, teamwork and time management will certainly be transferable to any job settings as I grow to be a better librarian. [ future cheese emoji × 3 😛 ]

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